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The cost of a new executive hire is high. Yet, it’s all the more expensive to hire a candidate who “doesn’t work out”. We are dedicated to helping our clients learn as much as possible to discern the qualities and characteristics which will insure an executive’s success within a new company culture.

We provide clients with a thorough suite of diagnostic assessment tools to help identify candidates real potential for the assignment and to offer guidance about how to insure the highest and best use of an executive.

Our goals in assessment are to:

  • Identify the highest and best use of executives;
  • Understand what specific strengths a candidate has to offer to an organization;
  • Cite what specific developmental areas a hiring executive should address to insure early success;
  • Recommend who among several strong candidates has the optimum profile for the role.

We combine assessment testing and in-depth interviews with our keen sense and understanding of a candidate’s personal qualities and values to discern the level of fit for a specific role. We evaluate a candidate’s cognitive abilities, behavioral traits, competencies and vocational fit for the role considered.

Assessments help lower the risk of hiring a person who doesn’t stay or succeed. They accelerate the rate of successful assimilation and personal contribution of new executives to the team.