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Dallas, TX 75243

2532 Santa Clara Avenue Suite 413
Alameda, CA 94501


We put our clients first. We deal with them openly. We earn their trust and this allows them to be confident of the way we represent them.

We follow the facts. We insist on learning what we need to know to present candidates to our clients confidently. Similarly, we learn our clients thoroughly so that we are able to provide a full picture of the organization to candidates. In our executive assimilation coaching, we help executives new to their roles develop and act on a thoroughly understood situation. Clients and candidates come to know that we exercise due care on their behalf.

We recognize that clients and candidates trust us with important and sensitive information. We take this trust seriously and safeguard the confidences that are essential to our work.

Thought Leadership
We learn continuously and strive for world class knowledge and expertise in the areas of executive search and the assimilation of executives in new roles. We expand what we know and share our knowledge. Our clients and the executives and directors we place achieve better results in their work as a result.

Getting On with It
We accept completely the accountability for our work. We are oriented to action, to finding solutions. We take risks, acknowledge reality and act on opportunities. We move ahead on what is practical. Clients and candidates can count on us to take the lead in achieving the goal of a successful search or coaching assignment.